Wednesday, July 12, 2006


For the longest time I never gave any 'mags album after Age Of Quarrel a chance. I had heard too many negative things, and the last thing I wanted was to hear a bad Cro Mags song. The thought of listening to "Best Wishes" and hearing tracks without JJ's vocals never appealed to me. Once I actually gave that record a chance everything started to change. At first I wasn't super impressed with the lp, but the songs grew on me really fast. Now I can honestly say "Best Wishes" is one of my favorite crossover records of the late 80's. Songs like "Death Camps", "Crush The Demoniac", and "Down But Not Out" continue to blow my mind everytime I listen to them. "The Only One" is one questionable track on the record, but every other song is right on. Harley pulls off the vocals, and the songs are just metal enough to be powerful without souding too rediculous. Below are two of my favorite tracks from "Best Wishes"....

Cro Mags - Death Camps

Cro Mags - Down But Not Out

Saturday, January 21, 2006


While Suicidal Tendencies were riding high on the success of their first lp, ST's partners in crime Excel followed closely behind with their own blend of hardcore and crossover thrash metal. After the success of their 1985 "Personal Onslaught" demo they were offered a spot on the now highly sought after "Welcome to Venice" Compliation on Suicidal Records that also featured Suicidal Tendencies, Beowulf, No Mercy, and Los Cycos. The band then went on to record two classic lps "Split Image" and "The Joke's On You", both of which have recently been rereleased on Rotten Records. Below is the the recording that got the ball rolling for the band.

Excel "Personal Onslaught Demo" 1985

Excel - Split Image

Excel - Spare The Pain

Excel - Looking For You

Excel - Insecurity

Friday, September 23, 2005


You can not fully appreciate Dynamo, without prior knowledge of The Icemen or Underdog's "Carl The Mosher" demo. I recommend educating yourself on those two bands when you get the chance, but this entry is going to be about Dynamo.

A few years after the demise of The Icemen, NYHC's infamous Carl The Mosher, as he is often called, started up Dynamo. For some reason this band remains criminally underrated. I've tryed to find out as much information about the band as possible, but my efforts haven't yieled much knowledge. I know Dynamo existed for a few years in the late 90's, and managed to release a demo and two 7"s on Twilite Records. The line up included Carl on vox backed by the line up that played the Antidote reunion show in '98. It is probably safe to assume that like The Icemen, Dynamo was based out of the NY area. Besides that, I can't tell you much else. If you have anymore information to add, dont hesitate to comment.

When my friend Mir sent me a few mp3's last year I was dumbfounded. How the fuck had I gone without hearing this band? You'd think everyone would be talking about them now since older NYHC is the new craze it seems. If you liked the Icemen, you're gonna love Dynamo. They even managed to record The Icemen song "face your fears" on the demo tape. I've included 2 mp3's from each of their releases. If anyone has their demo or 7"s for trade get in touch.

Dynamo Demo tracks:
Dynamo - cold world
Dynamo - my own rules

Dynamo "Animal Instinct" tracks:
Dynamo - playing for keeps
Dynamo - you're gonna get yours

Dynamo "Police State" tracks:
Dynamo - Police State
Dynamo - Antidote